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Operating Systems
Any problems relating to an operating system failure or a hardware issue on Windows based machines: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Server: Windows 2000/2003/2008

Looking for enterprise class email that synchronizes your entire mailbox with your Blackberry, iPhone or Motorola Q? Bluefish Solutions has been providing customers with corporate messaging that won't break the bank. Take advantage of the remarkable power of accessing your full mailbox anytime and from any computer.

Any difficulties relating to software compatibility issues. In many instances these can be solved without resorting to comprehensive overhauls.

We can recommend the appropriate model, operating system, software, and hardware for perfect integration into your existing network. And tie it all in with a backup strategy that will never leave you high and dry.

Trying to get the whole office on the LAN (Local Area Network)to share printers, files and applications? Curious about wireless technology but concerned about people snooping on your signal? We can help plug that leak.

Remote Access
Getting your hands on information while out of the office is becoming less of an option, unless you truly enjoy Saturdays at your desk. Bluefish Solutions can recommend a solution based on budget and existing equipment, and desired access options. Take advantage with a free on-site evaluation.

Are you concerned about unauthorized access to your files and data but you're having a hard time determining if this vulnerability is serious? If you're not sure about your security policy, you probably don't have one, and the answer is "probably yes."

Remote Maintenance
Need someone on-site fast? Sometimes the next best thing is a few mouse clicks away. Using remote software we can diagnose and solve many common issues remotely during office hours or after hours for delicate tasks such as rebooting servers.

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