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Recommended utilities that should be on every person's computer:

Winzip: a file compression utility that allows the user to email files that might be blocked by email programs with file security. Is a great way to archive by keeping numerious files contained within one "zip" file, it also compresses the files and therefore saves disk space. You can use the evaluation version indefinitely and get it HERE.

Instructions for using it are HERE. For users interested in a free file compression alternative IzArc has an excellent reputation and is free with no trial and no restrictions; you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Adobe Acrobat Reader: a utility for reading PDF's free of charge. Available HERE.

For users who need to create PDF's and already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, I highly recommend Cute PDF for its light installation requirements. The free version is available HERE, simply click the FREE DOWNLOAD link on the left and follow the instructions. You'll be prompted to download the converter software during the installation so be sure to assent to this request.

Pix Resizer is a terrific program - free of charge - for reducing the size of picture files that you intend to email. Often, a digital camera will capture images with unnecessarily high resolution, making file transfers via email very cumbersome. This program retains lots of quality without slowing down your Outbox.

Picasa is another fabulous solution for reducing the size of picture files. Also features free web album space online!

Open Office is a great open source alternative (meaning free) to Microsoft Office and supports Office formats such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

Firefox 3.5 is the latest version of the open source browser from Mozilla (an open source community) that offers security, privacy and superior performance to its predecessor. Definitely my browser of choice.

CDBurnerXP is a terrific program for burning CDs and DVDs. This is a light application which runs great on machines young and old.

Programs to consider if you're plagued by spyware and viruses:

AVG Anti-virus: Approximately 80,000 small files exist in the world today with the express purpose of making your life miserable. Some of the more prominent anti-virus software is deliberately targeted and disabled by these viruses, rendering your machine helpless to whatever comes next. I've had some very good results with THIS program on machines plagued by worms and viruses. This is the free version and will get you by until you fork over for the full version.

Ad-Aware: An outstanding program for removing spyware from your computer. Download it HERE.

Online solutions to consider:

Logmein.com: Are you looking for a cost effective way to dial into your office computer after hours? Is free cost effective enough? This web controlled interface allows you to remotely control your PC from any location, and expand the screen to completely fill your monitor. More sophisticated features require paying for the service but the free version should satisfy most users.

Yousendit.com: Have you been frustrated by the inability to send really large files via email? Does it keep getting stuck in your outbox? This online utility allows you send files as large as 100 megabytes to other Yousendit subscribers. It's free and is incredibly easy to start sending very large files to other people.

Google Docs: Create, edit and upload Microsoft Office files and store them for free on Google servers. A great tool if you're on the road without access to your regular machine. Find out more HERE.

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